Crime is a serious problem in the UK,so in 1999 the British government introduced ASBOs (Anti-Social Behavoiur Orders). ASBO is a list of rules. The rules say who the person can meet,where they can go,what they can do and even what they can wear. The police give ASBOs to people who are causing problems in the community and anyone who has the age of 10.An example of a guy who had the ASBO is Jason Walters. He had the ASBO because,with his friends,made a lot of noise,disturbing people in the shopping centre. He now have to be at home before 9 p.m, He can’t go into the city centre and He can’t wear hoodies or baseball caps.The police also sent his photos to people in his area.He thinks it’s unfair because giving the ASBO for things “stupid” as swearing,people don’t realize the real crimes. Conversely, one of the victims of anti-social behaviour is Charlotte. Gang of teenagers in her area were drinking alcohol and listening to loud music and for her it was impossible to sleep. But luckily,thanks to ASBO,now she can sleep and they don’t come near her house. She thinks the ASBO can stop crime because send an important message to young people.

And Us?

What do we think?

We think that the ASBO is right for some things and wrong for others. It’s right for those who don’t understand the gravity of the thing they do, such as prolonged disturb or bullying. But it’s wrong because it would be enough to warn families and schools. They have train their children well and learn them to be responsible